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Big China Girl Wins Judo

August 16, 2008
WHo needs a belt in Judo?

Who needs a belt in Judo?

Tong Wen of China beat defending Olympic champion Maki Tsukada  of Japan with an ippon in the final seconds of the match to win gold in Judo Women’s +78kg,

I saw it in her eyes before the match. I felt that Tong Wen had it in her to be the Champion and Maki Tsukada  was a little nervous and unable to find her inner KI.

While watching the bout  with my 70 year Japanese father in law, I became to notice how  annoyed he became during the fight.

When Tong repeatedly exposed her breasts to the world, I realized that it was a tactic to get her breath back. She would barely tighten her black belt only to get another breather in 30 seconds after Maki Tsukada man handled Tongs GI.

For Japanese people Tongs performance was like wearing your shoes inside a temple.


Stabbing your chopsticks into your rice bowl at dinner time.


Even though I took a liking to  Tong Wen San  energetic smile, I am going to have to submit my official complaint to the IOC for asking for a ban on allowing women to wear T shirts underneath their Judo GI.

If that happens maybe Tong Wen will think twice about tightening her Judo Belt.

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