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Why are Japan and Korea in the World Baseball Classic Final?

March 24, 2009
They didn't like me too much in Japan

The  answer to this question is very simple. It comes in a one word answer.


Davey Johnson just couldn’t get the camaraderie in the dugout as the Japanese team did.

Davey Johnson should know better because he did in fact play in Japan.


In Japan

Davey Johnson – BR Bullpen. (Please go to the site for more on Davey Johnson)

After being let go by the Atlanta Braves in April of 1975, he played for the Tokyo Giants in Japan in 1975 and 1976. Johnson was the first foreign player for the Giants after they won a record nine straight Japan Series titles without any gaijinShigeo Nagashima personally selected Johnson to become the team’s first foreigner in over a decade and Johnson was to replace Hall-of-Famer Nagashima at third base. After predicting a 50-home-run season, Johnson hit just 13 HR. In June he set a Central League record by striking out in eight consecutive at-bats. Worse, his overall line was .197/.275/.356, a far cry from what Nagashima had been hitting. Davey became known as “Dame (No Good)” Johnson, was ridiculed by the press and fans. Additionally he lost almost 15% of his body weight and broke a bone in his shoulder to lose a month of playing time. For the first time ever, Yomiuri finished last and Johnson certainly deserved and received some of the blame. assistance. Manager

In January of 1976, Davey became one of the few Americans to participate in the “voluntary” training camps attended by practically all the Japanese players. He returned to play second base but injured his left thumb while sliding into a base and demanded to go to the USA to see a specialist; Nagashima refused and Johnson went against the most popular man in Japanese baseball (who had also gotten him his job). When Johnson went ahead to see Dr. Robert Kerlan in Los Angeles, CA the press began calling for a reinstitution of the Giants’ ban on gaijin. Kerlan said Johnson had an inflamed neroma and Davey sat out a couple weeks waiting to get a return visa to Japan, then (as per medical advice) neglected batting practice upon returning to action. He hit a game-winning grand slam in his first day back and homered 9 times in 12 games. He hit 18 HR in August and September – overall he hit .275/.365/.539 with 26 homers and hit the pennant-clinching homer. He won a Gold Glove and was named to the Best Nine. Johnson had done a goat-to-hero turn and Yomiuri went worst-to-first.

Despite promises from Nagashima that he was not required to take batting practice due to his injury, the Yomiuri coaches forced him to do so during the Japan Series. Johnson was 0 for 13 with 6 K’s in the post-season. Yomiuri GM Roy Saeki offered Johnson an $80,000 contract, a 20% pay cut. Johnson said he’d sign if Nagashima apologized for going back on his word. The manager/national hero refused and the Giants did not renew the contract, claiming Davey had made unrealistic demands. Giants star Tsuneo Horiuchi said “We don’t need any greedy gaijin” and fellow Yomiuri leader Sadaharu Oh criticized Johnson’s character.

The Kintetsu Buffaloes expressed interest in signing Johnson but the Giants barred the way, using their influence as the most popular and powerful team in Japan. Johnson, who had wanted to return to play and coach in Japan, returned to the US and had his best rate-stat season ever, posting a 150 OPS+ in part-time work for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1977 before fading away at age 35 in 1978.

for all you kids out there



Japan(picture from an interesting blog)

Interview with Itaru Kobayashi -Soft Bank Hawks Marketing Director -Part 1

March 17, 2009

Itaru Kobayashi is the Marketing director for the Soft Bank Hawks.


Click here to listen to entire interview.

Debating the future growth potential of MMA as an industry | – Your Global Connection to the Fight Industry.

February 5, 2009

Debating the future growth potential of MMA as an industry | – Your Global Connection to the Fight Industry..

Will MMA save Japan ?

Read the article.朝日新聞社):ICE HOCKEY: Asia League is on thin ice – English

January 29, 2009朝日新聞社):ICE HOCKEY: Asia League is on thin ice – English.

This is not good for hockey fans in Japan.

Japanese teen accepts Palmer’s Bay Hill invitation – Kansas City Star

January 22, 2009

Ryo Ishikawa will save mens golf in Japan. For years it was  a tour in search of Viagra. While young upstart Ishikawa is on his way to raising the Japanese flag in  golf excellence, he is going to have its ups and downs but I really think he is a great kid.   He has a far better head on his shoulders than let’s say Michelle Wie  or  even his country fellow pro golfer Ai Miyazaki, who hasn’t performed very well recently on the LPGA.

please read the article below

Japanese teen accepts Palmer’s Bay Hill invitation – Kansas City Star.

SMWW Mentor Trestman Get’s Als Respect

November 25, 2008

It  wasn’t long ago that Marc Trestman was a mentor for Sports Management Worldwide’s Football Management course. Why did he leave? Well, he had to take some time off to lead the Montreal Alouettes to the Grey Cup. Unfortunately, The Calgary Stampeders won but Trestman will be with Montreal for a while or until the NFL realizes he is ready for the show.

Read the article by veteran sports writer Jack Todd

via – Loss can’t blemish Trestman’s work with Als

Consolidation is one big Walmart

November 13, 2008

I am just beginning the agent management course with Sports Management Worldwide.  The history of the agent dates back a long time but it hasn’t really changed like the TV has in the last fifty years. There is still a lot of people filled with integrity and passion for the success of one of its clients. On the other hand there are also a lot of bottom feeders praying on the naivety of talented players who may be uneducated or lack a mental package of values that should have been instilled in them at a young age. With consolidation which basically means strong companies joining together to become stronger I think the chances of being an individual agent is dwindling. It doesn’t really make sense for a talented agent to sign with his father or next door neighbor however business wise they are when you can sign with Scott Boras or IMG. The leverage the big companies have over the solo shooters is vast. If you look all around the world small town core businesses are shutting down and people are choosing to head out of town to do there shopping at Wal Mart or other Malls with a record of success.

In an Athletes Guide to agents it stresses the rules the NCAA  has on contacting student athletes and the role of the agent. It is very clear and informative.

I am looking forward to learning more about The agent Biz and connecting with great  people with integrity and a passion for sports..

Phillies rule in the Japan baseball

October 27, 2008

I am back after a week off from blogging. The Phillies seem to be getting the Rays Number. I thought Iwamura was going to be the big surprise but it may just be Iguchi. Who also won a ring with the White Sox.

We will see.

What A Comeback! Red Sox Win!

October 17, 2008

I admit I gave up watching when it got to be 5-0. In Japan that means around 10 am. I went about my chores of the day. I recorded the rest of course.

So when I got back home. I spark up the hdd /dvd player and fast forward to the eighth. I missed all of the David Ortiz homer drama. I was expecting to see Mike Timlin pitching and the score being 18-0

But No I slowed down the HDD player and sat down and watched JD Drew and Coco Crisp win it for the Sox.

The Tampa  Rays just plain choked.

Yeee Haw! Sweet Caroline never tasted sweeter

I am truly sorry sox for not believing in you.

The Japanese players didn’t fare too well but who cares !

Six Degrees of Charlie Manuel

October 17, 2008
Chuck Manuel is My Long Lost Brother

Chuck Manuel is My Long Lost Brother

I will now connect Charlie Manuel  to Bobbie Valentine, Akinori Iwamura and me.

Charlie Manuel as stated in an earlier blog played baseball in Japan for 4 years. He had great success but hated the system and also partied very hard. Robert Whiting stated in his book that he would party so hard sometimes right up to game time.

Let’s get to it.

Charlie Manuel is connected to Bobbie Valentine because the Man Who fired Bobby V the first time with the Marines  also Managed Charlie M. Tatsuro Hirooka. Charlie drove Hirooka crazy with his refusal to adapt to the Japanese way of training. Bobby and Charlie got their revenge when the Marines finally fired Hirooka and hired Bobby V back to the Marines.

Now it looks like The Rays will be playing the Phillies because Boston’s Pitchers are all of a sudden feeling emotions and can’t seem to concentrate on winning.

So Charlie Manuel will be facing Akinori Iwamura. Who get this, used to play for the Swallows. When Charlie M played with the Swallows he hit a dramatic game 7 home run which won the Japan Series for the Swallows. Akinori’s clutch hitting may put him in the same boat as Charlie .

Anyways How is  Charlie M connected to me ?

Charlie Manuel’s first signed an amateur contract with The Minnesota Twins in 1963.

Connection #1 1963 – The year I was born.

His first professional team in A Ball was The Wisconsin Rapid Twins –

Connection # 2 The State animal of Wisconsin is The Badger – My name is Willy Badger

Another connection happened in 1970.

When Charlie M  hit 19 home runs  in just 63 games for the Portland Beavers.

Connection # 3 &4 & 5

Connection # 3 19-63 my birth year again Wow!

Portland Beavers

Connection # 4- The Beaver is the official animal of Canada. I am Canadian.

Connection #5 Portland was the birthplace of My Great Grandmother. Okay Portland Maine but who is reading anyways.

And to finish off these remarkable facts on how Charlie Manuel and I are almost like brothers.

In 1978 Charlie M and two other foreign players in Japan got in a Bar room brawl with the East German Hockey Team. They naturally lost the fight.

Connection #6 My favorite sport is hockey and I too have never won a hockey fight.

There you have it.

If you are still with me .

Have a great weekend.

And to finish

Check out this link to get all the facts on truly a great man

Charlie M

via Charlie Manuel – BR Bullpen