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TV & Event Promotion

Ike&Sons Inc. was founded on December 25th, 2006, by three communication business experts, Kunihiro Kadoike, Kenji Fukuoka and Yuichi Kenjo with Kunihiro Kadoike as the chief  executive director.

Ike&Sons was first conceived to combine their expertise.

Profiles of directors

Chief Executive Director: Kunihiro Kadoike.

After working for two years at Motojima Accounting Office, Kadoike joined the Gumma Television Broadcasting Company. He served as division chief for production and Tokyo branch head. and retired early only to become managing director of COM Ltd., a production house, which is a subsidiary of  Niigata Broadcasting Company, a part of the Fuji Television network.

Kenji Fukuoka Executive Producer

Kenji Fukuoka Executive Producer

Executive Director: Kenji Fukuoka

Has worked as a producer at Plox, a 100% subsidiary of Dentsu Advertising Agency. He then joined Gunma Television. He specialized in planning and producing of Sales Promotion events mainly in the area of production of TV commercials . He joined COM Ltd., led by Kadoike in 2006. He has since been working with  Ike&Sons Inc. Kenji now is heading up a new media division for Sogo PR in Maebashi


Executive Director: Yuichi Kenjo

While a student of theater at Nihon University,  Kenjo was involved in the production of events and stage plays. After graduated from school, he took a job as a recording producer and worked with a variety of artists. He met Fukuoka at the Gumma TV and agreed to create  a company which would combine music and event in a creative manner. In June  Kenjo and Fukuoka left COM and established Ike&Sons Inc.

Internationa Biz Dept.

International Biz Dept.

William (Willy) Badger

International Business Department

Chief Producer

Kenji Fukuoka met Willy in the studios of Gunma Television. Kenji thought Willy was some famous foreigner and introduced himself. To his amazement, Willy wasn’t a famous foreigner but a friendship began. Kenji has become Willy’s Mentor. Willy’s  role now  with Sog PR is finding unique talent from around the world. The help creat unique and refreshing events in Japan.

Willy Badger is a dynamic award winning multi-lingual entertainer with outstanding communication skills and creativity. Willy Badger has lived and worked in Japan for the last 12 years. His other talents include being a popular columnist for, and an award winning short documentary filmmaker. He is able to conduct interviews in English, French and Japanese.

His love for sports propelled him into finding Sports Management Worldwide and educating himself in Public Relations, Journalism and Sports Broadcasting. Willy recently became the director of SMWW Japan. He is currently creating a Japanese Baseball Expert Course.



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