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Six Degrees of Charlie Manuel

October 17, 2008
Chuck Manuel is My Long Lost Brother

Chuck Manuel is My Long Lost Brother

I will now connect Charlie Manuel  to Bobbie Valentine, Akinori Iwamura and me.

Charlie Manuel as stated in an earlier blog played baseball in Japan for 4 years. He had great success but hated the system and also partied very hard. Robert Whiting stated in his book that he would party so hard sometimes right up to game time.

Let’s get to it.

Charlie Manuel is connected to Bobbie Valentine because the Man Who fired Bobby V the first time with the Marines  also Managed Charlie M. Tatsuro Hirooka. Charlie drove Hirooka crazy with his refusal to adapt to the Japanese way of training. Bobby and Charlie got their revenge when the Marines finally fired Hirooka and hired Bobby V back to the Marines.

Now it looks like The Rays will be playing the Phillies because Boston’s Pitchers are all of a sudden feeling emotions and can’t seem to concentrate on winning.

So Charlie Manuel will be facing Akinori Iwamura. Who get this, used to play for the Swallows. When Charlie M played with the Swallows he hit a dramatic game 7 home run which won the Japan Series for the Swallows. Akinori’s clutch hitting may put him in the same boat as Charlie .

Anyways How is  Charlie M connected to me ?

Charlie Manuel’s first signed an amateur contract with The Minnesota Twins in 1963.

Connection #1 1963 – The year I was born.

His first professional team in A Ball was The Wisconsin Rapid Twins –

Connection # 2 The State animal of Wisconsin is The Badger – My name is Willy Badger

Another connection happened in 1970.

When Charlie M  hit 19 home runs  in just 63 games for the Portland Beavers.

Connection # 3 &4 & 5

Connection # 3 19-63 my birth year again Wow!

Portland Beavers

Connection # 4- The Beaver is the official animal of Canada. I am Canadian.

Connection #5 Portland was the birthplace of My Great Grandmother. Okay Portland Maine but who is reading anyways.

And to finish off these remarkable facts on how Charlie Manuel and I are almost like brothers.

In 1978 Charlie M and two other foreign players in Japan got in a Bar room brawl with the East German Hockey Team. They naturally lost the fight.

Connection #6 My favorite sport is hockey and I too have never won a hockey fight.

There you have it.

If you are still with me .

Have a great weekend.

And to finish

Check out this link to get all the facts on truly a great man

Charlie M

via Charlie Manuel – BR Bullpen

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