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Don Nomura Sports Agent in Japan

October 1, 2008

USA Today article on How to get baseball talent out of Japan

When I think of sports agents in Japan. I can only think of the rebellious,  trend setting step son of The Rakuten Eagles Manager Nomura Kantoku, Don Nomura. In Robert Whiting’s book The Samurai Way of Baseball, Whiting goes into detail about how Don Nomura and Hideo Nomo single handily shook up  two countries and two baseball leagues with his choice to play in the MLB.

It is very hard to get baseball talent out of Japan without causing a National uproar.

But if you are tenacious enough you definitely can do it. Risking your life and reputation of course. Don Nomura did the unthinkable with Hideo Nomo and after years of bitterness between him and the NPB. Nomura is still around, so he hasn’t been excommunicated from Japan or anything.

Read More about Nomura and Robert Whiting on the links below.

download the speech Robert Whiting gave at University of Michigan.

I haven’t figured how to download PDF yet so google this

Click to access 3_3_2Whiting.pdf

and download the PDF on Robert Whiting

Don Nomura Japanese Rebel agent

Japanese pitcher Tazawa seeks direct route to major leagues –

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  1. January 16, 2009 7:57 pm

    hallo! i’m an italian baseball coach i’m looking for japan baseball player…can you help me?…maybe some adresses
    so i can mail to them?
    thank you
    best regards
    beppe carelli

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