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Special K Nishikori The New Poster Boy of Japan

September 4, 2008
Hmmm. In two more years I can apply for my Green Card

Hmmm. In two more years I can apply for my Green Card

When Kei Nishikori left Japan at the age of 13,  He left behind a key part in building of a Japanese young man’s Character .

The Junior High School System

I read a short interview with Kei and basically he came to The Famous Bollettieri Tennis Academy when he was thirteen years old. He came with two other Japanese tennis wanna be Roger Federers. Kei’s determination kept him in Florida but the other two returned back to Japan to enter University.  My question today is:

Will Special K be remembered if he does not keep winning?

Is this his 15 minutes of fame?

For an example, the Japanese women curling team got a lot of exposure in the last Olympics but quickly lost it’s appeal once the Olympics ended.

Let’s start a conversation.

Kei Nishikori Interview – US Open, Aug 28.

AFP: Japanese teen Nishikori makes tennis history at US Open.

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  1. raf permalink
    December 10, 2008 6:46 am

    You see Tennis has its own tour (ATP & WTA), meaning play and exposure is continuous throughout the whole year. Its not a one time big time event or an event that happens just every four years (Olympics). so its pretty unfair to compare Kei to the Japanese Women’s Curling Team.

    Obviously, as long as Kei continues to improve and does well he will definitely maintain his popularity. Plus he is only 18, lets say he doesn’t do well at some point, he can still recover and gain momentum. The Tennis Tour does not stop, a player will only be able to stop unless he decided to retire.

    Cmon Kei!

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