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LPGA Golfers Fearing Phonetics

September 1, 2008
Fear & Phonetics on the LPGA Tour

Fear and Phonetics on the LPGA Tour

Well the LPGA has made a very bold move by making the lady golfers speak English on the tour. Growing up in French Quebec, Canada. I know very well that messing with ones mother tongue does not work. In fact, Quebec suffered for many years when the Language Police forced Store owners to take down English signs.

All the big companies in Quebec said Merci Beaucoup and moved to Ontario or back to the States.

I know this is a little different because the LPGA broadcasts on American TV and the winners of the tournament are sponsored by NIKE , CALLAWAY, TITLEIST, ETC. Who pay big bucks to players to say how great their clubs and balls are.

It is all about making an effort of doing the “When in Rome be a Roman.” right thing.  This new rule was jealously targeted towards the  Korean and Japanese golfers who make the big bucks on the tour.

Okay I am being nice.


Have you ever seen a poor Japanese or Korean golfer? No, Golf in Japan costs $100 dollars a round and that is cheap. I am sure Daddy big bucks can fork out a little bit of money for their Michelle Wie wanna be to learn English.

It is not  just that though. Women, Japanese ( I can’t speak for Koreans)  women do not want to make  mistakes. All of the golfers can communicate in English they just fear  being phonetically and grammatically  wrong.


Who has seen Ichiro give an interview in English? Who has seen Matsui give an interview in English?

In Memoires of A Geisha, they couldn’t find a Japanese actress to play the role because they couldn’t speak English well enough or were too shy to speak English.  So they had to use Chinese actresses to play the two major roles.  It was very embarrassing for Japan.

Losing face in Japan is very shunned upon.

If you want to play the International stage speak English.

Ray Bourque, probably the best French Canadian defence man to ever play in the NHL always spoke English to other French players in the locker room out of respect for the majority of English players. Ray Bourque was and still is a class act. He is not some spoiled rich girl with a drive to win.

I think the LPGA should ask the American golfers to start winning  or else they will be sent  to play in Japan or Korea. Where they will be accepted with open Arms and an interpreter  attached to their golf bag.

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