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Sports Business Booming in Asia

August 27, 2008
Liu Xiang memoires or China propoganda

Liu Xiang memoirs or China propaganda

Kitajima = Gold for Coco-Cola

Kitajima = Gold for Coco-Cola

Everywhere you look these days sports is being branded into the culture. Japan’s Gold Medalist  Kitajima’s face is plastered all over billboards in Japan conveying how refreshing Aquarious  sports drink is.

When China’s Hurdle gold medalist Liu Xiang dropped out of a race because of an injury the sponsors for him basically got hit by Hurricane Katrina.


Choosing the right people to be your spokesperson is a craps role.

Kobe was Aquarious until he got caught in a scandal in Denver.

Tiger Woods is by far the safest and most effective person to brand your product with.

Sorry his card is full.

Photo from Getty Images by AFP/Getty Images – Daylife.

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