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I Was Wrong! Oh So Wrong! So Kick me in the head!

August 25, 2008

In my last post, I said that the Olympics were relatively calm in the sense of scandal.

Well Taekwondo, the sport where helmets and xray like lead vests are worn. Kicked its way to the top of the worlds all time meltdowns. It has been flying through the blogs the last couple of days.

Angel Matos of Cuba as you all know kicked his judge slap dab in the middle of the mouth.

Drawing blood!

My hat goes off to AP photographer Matt Dunham who snapped the photo of his career. Millions and Millions of dollars coming his way.

Lets have a quote challenge on the photo that shocked the world.

Humor is important , please stay away from the disgusto.

No! Please! Not the squirt gun too!

Have fun with it. Go for it!

The Rising Score !

Press This.

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